Starting Date 
Thursday, November 10, 1988
800 miles off the coast of Nova Scotia in the North Atlantic
Estimated Spillage 
968,000 barrels (40,656,000 gallons), North Sea Brent crude oil

In rough seas, an on-board explosion caused thie Liberian tanker operated by a United Kingdom company to break apart; it sank in heavy North Atlantic weather 800 miles off coast of Nova Scotia. After break up and before sinking, a fire started in the stern section. The storm included 25-foot waves and 44-mile-per-hour winds.

Clean-up Efforts 

There were no clean-up efforts since there was no concern about pollution due to the distance from the nearest shoreline.

  • Entire crew of 27 presumed dead.
  • Canadian Coast Guard could not immediately reach the area due to the weather, and much of the oil burned before they arrived.
  • Oil covered a 3-mile by 10-mile area but currents carried the spill across the Atlantic toward England and it was presumed to have dissipated.
  • No oil reached shore.
  • There likely was a significant impact on the krill, and up the food chain (according to the 1990 Marine Pollution Yearbook published by the Advisory Committee on Marine Pollution of the Sea of the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea).