Educating and informing the public about her research and related matters is one of Dr. Joye's primary missions. With all of the challenges facing us and our environment, such outreach is critical to informing citizens, government officials, policy makers, and the media about the science that seeks to explain and find solutions to our environmental problems. Providing a view into the search for answers about microbial life and ecology, as well as the origin of life is part of Dr. Joye's purpose in her work.

Dr. Joye expands her outreach efforts by providing information on this website that goes beyond her research and embraces the efforts of others.

Research Cruise Blog

Here Dr. Joye reports from the field as she blogs during her research cruises.

Marine Oil Spills

Find information and resources regarding oil spills and discharges into the marine environment as well as information about the oil industry. Some specific spills are highlighted, including the 2010 Deepwater Horizon/Macondo Well blowout incident.

Libraries of Research Papers

Use our Search (or Advanced Search) function for this Web site to find peer-reviewed papers in our extensive libraries on subjects relating to Dr. Joye's research. Or  Browse our libraries to find papers that may interest you.

Picture Galleries

Wander and wonder through our picture galleries.

Links to Websites

Visit this resource of links to various websites that are marine-related, environmental science related, or Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill related.

Basic Ocean Literacy

Learn the basics of why the Ocean and its health matter, and why we need to partner with it.