Employment Opportunities

The Joye Research Group at the University of Georgia often has openings for undergraduate, graduate, post doctoral, and research scientist positions. We seek motivated, responsible, curious, and enthusiastic individuals to become involved in laboratory and field research projects. The ability to work as part of a group, as well as independently, is critical as is the willingness to work long hours. Group members are paid for their time and receive valuable research experience as well.

Research in the Joye Research Group lies at the interface of microbiology and geochemistry. Microbial processes regulate energy and elemental flows in the environment. We investigate these processes in coastal, blue water, and deep-sea environments as well as in polar regions and terrestrial extreme environments. We use field monitoring (including oceanic research cruises and deep-sea submersible dives), laboratory experiments, and molecular ecological techniques to tease apart the suite of factors that regulate the abundance and activity of microorganisms and their role in energy and elemental flows, and we seek to understand these processes as they relate to climate change.

Undergraduate students work with a Post Doctoral Associate or a Senior Ph.D. student and if interested, have the opportunity to develop an independent project for Honors Thesis research credit. Undergraduate researchers can earn co-authorship on publications by contributing substantially to the research effort.

We welcome applications from anyone keenly interested in our work, who has the capacity and drive to contribute to our exciting research endeavors.