Atlantis/ALVIN March 30 - April 22, 2014

Treasured Moments

Colorful salt diapirs and conversations from the deep

Written by Mandy Joye, 18 April 2014; posted by Mandy Joye, 19 April 2014.

To have a brine-filled basin like Orca, the super-salty fluid has to flow in from somewhere. But where? The published literature on Orca geology suggests that the salt diapirs that donate salt to the deep basin are located on the eastern flank of the central basin. We wanted to find it and better yet, SEE it, and, even better, SAMPLE it!

The Weather Wars

Oceanographers vs. a Cold Front: We lose.

Written by Mandy Joye 14 April 2014; Posted by Mandy Joye, 16 April 2014

Each of us has events in our life that shape our future. As a junior at UNC-Chapel Hill, I was a pre-med major and I took an elective oceanography class. After two weeks of lectures, I was hooked, thanks largely to an incredibly smart, engaging and truly amazing Professor, Dr. Conrad Neumann. Thank You Conrad; you changed my life for the better. Conrad’s enthusiasm for ocean science was contagious and I was hooked.

Return to Macondo

"Return to Macondo", posted by Mandy Joye, 2 April 2014

The BP/Macondo oil well blowout in April 2010 ranks as one of the largest marine oil spills in history (only the Gulf War Oil Spill discharged more oil into an environment). The Macondo Blowout was a large scale environmental perturbation that allowed scientists to evaluate the capacity of the Gulf's natural microbes to consume hydrocarbons, to evaluate the controls on hydrocarbon degradation, to track the fate of hydrocarbons, and to elucidate the impacts of this immense hydrocarbon injection on the Gulf ecosystem.