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Dahl K.AM, Wagner T..  Submitted.  Apparatus for covering wellheads in oil/gas industries, has Velcro strips arranged along edges of apparatus so as to allow apparatus to be easily secured to gas/oil wellhead, where apparatus is associated with transfer hoses.
Hazen TC, Dubinsky EA, DeSantis TZ, Andersen GL, Piceno YM, Singh N, Jansson JK, Probst A, Borglin SE, Fortney JL et al..  Submitted.  Deep-Sea Oil Plume Enriches Psychorophilic Oil-Degrading Bacteria.
Sangwai J., Doble M., Nallusamy S..  Submitted.  Degrading an oil sludge in a pipeline by introducing a microbial mixture comprising a Pseudomonas sp. and a nutrient medium into the pipeline such that the microbial mixture contacts the oil sludge.
Chen Y., Guo W., Hu J., Li L., Shao S., Zhang S, Zhang Y..  Submitted.  Fischer-Tropsch synthesis reaction wastewater treatment method involves filtering wastewater, performing pretreatment, isolating water including oil hydrocarbon compounds, concentrating, adjusting pH, acidifying, and performing methanation.
Bae B., Bae E., Bar S., Cho C.Y, Heo J.H, Joo W., Kim H.S, Shin M.C, Wi J.J.  Submitted.  Flora purifying method useful for restoring oil contaminated soil, comprises planting rye into the oil-contaminated soil.
Wang J., Liu H., Qu P., Yu Y.  Submitted.  Micro-con-focal Raman spectroscopy based short-term weathered oil tracing method, involves obtaining Raman fingerprint data for realizing cluster analysis, and obtaining crude oil spill areas clustering result.
Chen Q., Liu Y., Liu M..  Submitted.  Preparation of composite resin adsorbent used for microbial degradation of oil involves preparing mussel shell powder-immobilized microbial particles and copolymer emulsion, mixing with coupling agent, stirring, and drying.
Li J., Liu X..  Submitted.  Repairing halogenated hydrocarbon contaminated sites by using combination of chemical leaching and microbial involves performing chemical leaching, injecting eluent into contaminated soil, and injecting bacteria into contaminated soil.
Hu Z, Jin W., Qian G..  Submitted.  Synthetic rubber, useful for color sorter, comprises butylbenzene rubber, aromatic hydrocarbon oil, 4,4'-dithiodimorpholine, microcrystalline wax, hydroxy silicone oil, polydimethylsiloxane, polyethylene wax, and glycerol triacetate.
Moussavi G., Shekoohiyan S., Naddafi K..  2017.  The accelerated enzymatic biodegradation and COD removal of petroleum hydrocarbons in the SCR using active bacterial biomass capable of in-situ generating peroxidase and biosurfactants. Chemical Engineering Journal. 308:1081-1089.
Short J.W.  2017.  Advances in Understanding the Fate and Effects of Oil from Accidental Spills in the United States Beginning with the Exxon Valdez. Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology. 73:5-11.
Possas A., Posada-Izquierdo G.D, Perez-Rodriguez F., Valero A., Garcia-Gimeno R.M, Duarte M.CT.  2017.  Application of predictive models to assess the influence of thyme essential oil on Salmonella Enteritidis behaviour during shelf life of ready-to-eat turkey products. International Journal of Food Microbiology. 240:40-46.
Shahi A., Ince B., Aydin S., Ince O.  2017.  Assessment of the horizontal transfer of functional genes as a suitable approach for evaluation of the bioremediation potential of petroleum-contaminated sites: a mini-review. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology. 101:4341-4348.
Ortiz-Maya J., Escalante-Espinosa E., Focil-Monterrubio R.L, Ramirez-Saad H.C, Ramirez I.JDiaz.  2017.  BACTERIAL POPULATIONS DYNAMIC AND DEHYDROGENASE ACTIVITY DURING BIOREMEDIATION OF RECENTLY AND INTEMPERIZED HYDROCARBON CONTAMINATED SOILS. Revista Internacional De Contaminacion Ambiental. 33:237-246.
Dindar E., Sagban F.OT, Baskaya H.S.  2017.  Biodegradation of crude oil-contaminated soil using canned-food-industry wastewater sludge for soil application. Ksce Journal of Civil Engineering. 21:1623-1630.
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Bera S., Roy A.S, Mohanty K..  2017.  Biodegradation of phenol by a native mixed bacterial culture isolated from crude oil contaminated site. International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation. 121:107-113.
Asgari A., Nabizadeh R., Mahvi A.H, Nasseri S., Dehghani M.H, Nazmara S., Yaghmaeian K..  2017.  Biodegradation of total petroleum hydrocarbons from acidic sludge produced by re-refinery industries of waste oil using in-vessel composting (vol 15, 3, 2017). Journal of Environmental Health Science and Engineering. 15
Marinescu M., Lacatusu A., Gament E., Plopeanu G., Marinescu M..  2017.  BIODEGRADATION YIELD OF CRUDE OIL IN SOIL POLLUTED AND TREATED IN DIFFERENT EXPERIMENTAL VARIANTS. Agrolife Scientific Journal. 6:154-158.
Filatov D.A, Krivtsov E.B, Sviridenko N.N, Golovko A.K, Altunina L.K.  2017.  Biogenic oxidation of the high-viscosity oil of the Ashal'chinskoe field and its hetero compounds. Petroleum Chemistry. 57:649-656.
El-Sheshtawy H.S, Ahmed W..  2017.  Bioremediation of crude oil by Bacillus licheniformis in the presence of different concentration nanoparticles and produced biosurfactant. International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology. 14:1603-1614.
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Bian L.Z, Duan C.C, Wang L.J, O'Hayre R., Cheng J., Chou K.C.  2017.  Ce-doped La0.7Sr0.3Fe0.9Ni0.1O3-delta as symmetrical electrodes for high performance direct hydrocarbon solid oxide fuel cells. Journal of Materials Chemistry A. 5:15253-15259.
El-Hanafy A.A, Anwar Y., Sabir J.SM, Mohamed S.A, Al-Garni S.MS, Zinadah O.AHAbu, Ahmed M.M.  2017.  Characterization of native fungi responsible for degrading crude oil from the coastal area of Yanbu, Saudi Arabia. Biotechnology & Biotechnological Equipment. 31:105-111.